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Meetup is a social Netwoking site. It is perhaps one of the best network of local groups.Their mission is to revitalize local groups, people and community to be self organized.
In their Website they are saying that,"Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference."

Their motto is Do something,Learn Something,Share Something, Change something!

Very good thinking.

Now lets have look in the popularity of this social networking site:(Report of 24/1/2012)

Rank in Alexa is 532. Estimated traffic is about 800,000 to 5,000,000 visitors/month.Look at the daily Traffic Rank Trend
Daily Traffic Rank Trend

In their website they are showing another popularity report of Meetup:

Meetup Visitors

Inside there, are some very popular groups  where people can interact with each other very easily. The layout of page is also not bad. Here is a picture of popular group of New york city baby boomers.

The New York City Baby Boomers Meetup Group

Some other very popular groups in Meetup:

The Los Angeles Ruby/Rails Meetup Group (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup
INTERNATIONALS in Paris (Paris) - Meetup 

Meetup also maintain a HQ blog.You can find many information about them from this blog.
Meetup Official HQ Blog

In their Site they are also introducing their Team members,Board of Directors,Fellows,An advisory Boards in About Meetup section.
About Meetup

That is very good thinking and something different. This meetup is not Hundred percent like Facebook, Twitter. It has some new features new techniques to attract members. After reviewing their site i found that their strategy is very different. And somehow more creative too. Meetup will be a great site in worldwide if they can spread it in Asia, Africa and all other parts of the world. In developing countries there are many political groups and they have not good platform to be unite easily. They are using facebook now-a-days. We watched it in Egypt in 2011.So if Meetup advertise their website in these countries, (Asia,Africa,Developing countries), their site will be more popular with a huge amount of traffic.

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