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Another Growing social Networking site is Badoo. I don't know what is the meaning of this BADOO but it seems a good site to me. Their Design is very good, Loading time is fast and have taste of Social network. Sometimes we see Social networking site but design is like a Educative blog! These design never get popularity. For a Social Networking website Design is very important. In the time of designing designer should think about mass people. Because if he make a very colorful, very Heavy design, Its ok for fast world, But in second or third world where internet speed is not high, It will take so much time to load. Members will feel bore top use it. But if anyone make a social networking site for fast world only then he don't need to think about this. But for gaining popularity in whole world it is a must.

In this aspects Badoo is not perfect, but not Bad.You can sign in there with Facebook, Google, yahoo etc.It is also very good trick of new website.Sometimes visitors feel bore to sign up. But most of them has Facebook, Google or yahoo. They can log in using these.And if the feature is good they will come again and will use it regularly.

Look at the first page of Badoo.In the right side Sign up form in green and blue. This Colors in white is looking not bad..

Badoo First Look

After you confirm your account they will say you "yaba-daba-doo!" Again i don't know what it means. But i am sure they are not saying anything Bad.

Badoo is also available in mobile. You can download Badoo application in your android handset.
Badoo for Android

Now lets have a look about the popularity of this site. The site is a teenager yet.But got Alexa Rank 112.The daily Traffic rank Trend picture of this site
Traffic Rank Trend for Badoo

In their site they are showing something like this

You can also earn from this site. You can work there.There are a good job opportunity here.You can use their affiliate program.Also you can Advertise your website, Business organization here in Badoo.

Earning Opportunity in Badoo

The job opportunity in Badoo.If you like to be a part of them then you can contact with them. They are offering these jobs. Don't worry! I think the salary will be healthy!

Available jobs in Badoo

Their mission in picture:
Mission Of Badoo

Suggestion for Badoo:

They should Write a Wikipidea article about their website.It is very important for a site like this. Wikipidea Backlinks is also very strong.

There are some error in their code syntax. They should fix them quickly.

There is no Delicoius, Digg entry for them.I hope they will think about this.

They got only two Backlinks from .gov site. They should make it a healthy number as early as possible.

Text/HTML ratio for this site is 7.03%. Below than 15%. So they should include some more text content and make it at least 15 or 16%.

I found 11 images in this site and all are attrbution missing.They can easily fix it.

You Make Friends in Badoo By clicking in this Picture:

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