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An Earthquake is a sudden and violent motion of the earth. An earthquake is an unpredictable event. It caused the ground to shake dramatically. It gives the destructive forces to the earth.

Measurement of Earthquake:

Intensity or the strength of an earthquake is measured by generally from people’s perceptions and the amount of property destroyed. Scientist Guiseppe Mercalli developed a earthquake measurement scale. This scale compared the surface effects of earthquakes to each other. The scale is divided into 12 Levels. Level 1 means Felt by few people and Level 12 mean Total damage.

Magnitude of earthquake is measured by Richter scale. American Scientist Charles F. Richter developed this scale. According to magnitude, the earthquake normally categorized as:

1. Very minor – Less than 3 in Richter scale.

2. Minor- 3.00 to 3.99 in Richter scale.

3. Light-4.00 to 4.99 in Richter scale.

4. Moderate – 5.00 to 5.99 in Richter scale.

5. Strong – 6.00 to 6.99 in Richter scale

6. Major – 7.00 t0 7.99 in Richter scale

7. Great – 8.00 to 8.99 in Richter scale

Causes of Earthquake:

Earth crust, volcanic eruptions and man made explosions. Earth crust is composed of many huge, rocky plates known as tectonic plates. These plates constantly move slowly across the surface of Earth bumping into each other, overrunning each other and pulling away from each other. This movement is gradual. At other times the plates locked together. When the accumulated energy grows strong enough the plates break free causing ground shaking vibrations associated with an earthquake.

Earthquake occurrence:

Earth experiences more than one million earthquakes a year. The vast majority of these measure 3.4or bellow on the Richter scale and can not be felt by the people. Watch
recent seismic activity or earthquakes of different parts of the world by downloading this 3d globe. It is free and just 1.1 MB. It shows the recent earthquakes like the following picture:
Recent Earthquakes

The planet never ceases to vibrate with the motion of its tectonic forces. In recorded human History great earthquakes have been responsible for some of the most horrendous natural disasters. In the past 800 years, 17 earthquakes have each caused 50.000 or more deaths. We can also remember the japanese earthquake 2011

If you are very much interested about earthquakes , you can watch these animation to get some clear idea about earthquake. Here some other animation about Earthquake, Volcanic eruption, Tsunami attack. You can create Earthquake by using this animation of Discovery. It is also another very important tool for understanding the earthquake process easily.

Earthquake Safety or how to survive an earthquake

Earthquake is a very dangerous natural disaster.(In one of my previous post I discuss about How you can saveyour building from earthquake .At the time of making your house you should check these things seriously.)

These safety steps you can take to keep your self and your property safe from this disaster:

1. Make sure all objects in your home are fastened to the floor.
2. Repair any crack in the ceiling.
3. During Earthquake take cover under heavy objects.
4. Stay inside during an earthquake to avoid falling objects.
5. Practice Drills.
6. Move away from window.
7. be careful when exiting your safe place.

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