Be Safe from Pinterest Scam By this Easy Trick

Pinterest is becoming a fertile ground for spammers. DailyDot interviewed a Pinterest Spammer, he is earning more than $1000 a day by spamming in pinterest. And he is increasing his spamming. He is not the only one. Scammers and spammers taking Pinterest is the best social network for their works.

Because its very easy to scam By Juicy Pictures. But if You are a good user of Pinterest you should know how to be safe from these scamming spamming.

Its not a very hard work or its not necessary to learn a lot of things to be safe in pinterest. Just use a simple tricks. I am sure most of the internet user knew about the Google image search. You can find out any images original source by image search in google.

Whenever You see a lovely offer in pinterest(And if you become interested on it) with a loving picture just put your mouse on the image. Copy the link and Do a google search in Google image search.  You will found some result about that image and hopefully you will get some valuable information about that image.

Its a very easy trick. But It can save you from some Unwanted problems.

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