The Top 5 Best Books for Self-Improvement

Some of the very best advice we’ve ever been given on the subject of self-improvement was given thousands of years ago and is still just as true today. The fastest and surest road to self-improvement is the road that leads us to a better understanding of and a greater love for ourselves.

Who could possibly improve on the following ways to help us feel good about ourselves?:

Be honest with everyone
Be kind to everyone, especially to those who aren’t kind to you
Treat everyone as a neighbor
Share what you have with others
Treat others the way you would like to be treated

With these few recommendations to help us along on our road of self-improvement it is easy to see that the first book on the top 5 best books for self-improvement would be the Bible. The closer the next four books follow this same pattern of learning and application and self-improvement by thinking of others the better off we will all be.
There are so many other wonderful books on self-improvement available in bookstores and as downloads today that it is extremely hard to narrow the field down to just four more. But one more essential criteria for a great book on self-improvement would be the honesty and the concern of the author in sharing with others heart-felt advice that has come from meaningful personal experiences.
The next book brings to light what life is really all about, what the human soul can withstand, what makes life real, and most importantly how we can learn to appreciate the great blessings that come to us so freely every day. This is a book that will help you learn to appreciate life and love and freedom like never before The book is called “Man’s Search for Meaning” and was written by Viktor Frankl who was a prisoner of war in a concentration camp during the war. It is the story of his long endurance under the most horrendous conditions. It is a touching account of a true hero. It tells of how he learned that the only real freedom is the freedom of thought. It teaches us our own power in even the most difficult of situations. It gives us a renewed gratitude and new joy in life. It is worth reading and will put things into a greater perspective that they’ve ever been before.

The next book I would recommend is a how-to course on getting things done and putting yourself in a position to accomplish more and enjoy life more in the process. “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People” by Stephen R. Covey is a guidebook for life. It is an easy reading book with easy to understand concepts. What Covey tells us is so obvious we don’t know why we haven’t thought of it before. He makes an important distinction between important and essential things. He puts us on a path of accomplishment that immediately improves our self-esteem and therefore puts us in a place to be of more help to others.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Find out more for yourself about great books that help you be better at improving yourself and serving others. Learn from others. Share what you know. We’re all in this together.

Written By:

Jane, psychic from England and tarot reading expert.

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