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 I am a big fan of poems and Poetry. I like poets, i like Trees. Sometimes i also write poems/Rhymes, Example my rhyme


Sandy Sandy

You like Candy?

You Like Fun?

You like honey or

You like GUN?

You like Sands?

Like our Lands?

Dress and Shops?

Like LolyPops ?

:D :D

Now you can Read awesome poems in Pinterest. One of the best pinterest id about poems is Poetry Foundation. It's uploading nice pictures with heavenly poetic lines. So it will be great for poem lovers to follow this board of poems.

Let See some pictures of Robert Frost board of poetry Foundation:

After Robert Frost we can see some pictures from Public Poetry Board:

This one is written in pencil in the sealed freight car" by Dan Pagis.

So lovers, Here some poems lines for you from the Love poems Board:

 At last some Great lines from Allen Ginsberg 

 Poetry Foundation's Pinterest account also has some other wonderful boards of poems like Fall poems, Wedding Poems,Children Poems etc.

So Poet Tree (Not Poetry?) Lover's visit this Pinterest Boards NOW!


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  1. I love poems too, I even wrote a poem for my mom when she died.


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