Google Adsense Tips to Boost Your Earnings(My Experience and 32 Real Tips)

Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense Tips
Google Adsense Tips

Earning money with Google Adsense is very good way of online income. I am using this ad program in this blog and some of my other blogs from 2010. I experienced many good and bad things while using this program. In this post I will try to share these with my readers.

HOW I start using Google Adsense:

It was my first days on internet. I read some posts about earning money online and Google Adsense. I was totally new in blogging. Even the word “Niche” was new to me. My new blog start getting some traffic also I started posting some small tip posts. There was a myth ‘Getting approved by Google adsense is very hard”. I designed my blog simply and start posting content that doesn’t violate any Google Adsense rule. After 6 months of starting the blog I applied for Adsense.  Google checked my site and replied with my site has two illegal(adult) content that violate Adsense rule. I found these two posts, two news posts that contain some adult word. Google marked these posts as adult content for these words. Within 2 hour of getting the email I deleted these posts and replied them. Quickly they approved my account and I start using adsense codes in my blog.

Google Adsense Tips

My first month’s income

It was something like 0.01 I think. I was little frustrated. I heard bloggers earn at least 100/200$ monthly from a blog but why I am 0.01!
I searched in Google. Start Reading many articles about making money. I learned about keywords, search engine optimization, increasing blog traffic. But my income was like 0.01 to 0.10 in first three months.

When I start Real Earning

Suddenly from fourth month of start using Adsense I saw some clicks on my Google Ads. I was very much excited that time. Two/Three clicks were a great success for me. Not for money. It was a thing that I am expecting and I did some real hard works for it. So this was something more valuable than money for me. It inspired me to dream big.

Now Adsense is not my first online income sources. But it was my first source of earn money through blog. So I will give you here some tips about earning money through Google Adsense program. Hope these tips will help you a lot.


1.       Keyword is important

Adsense show ads according to keywords you are using in your content. So keyword is very important. Choose keyword wisely for your blog. Google Keyword analysis tool will help you to know the click through rate of any keyword. You also can know the competition and search amount of any particular keyword using Google keyword analysis tool. It is a must use tool for bloggers. At the time of writing content be aware of keyword density. High keyword density can be harmful for your blog. Search engines marked high keyword density contents which we sat overly optimized post, as Spam.

2.       Write more

Write a new post daily. The more content, More traffic. And more traffic means more opportunity to get clicks on your ads. For a new blogger it’s important to get familiar with search engines. So write new posts daily.


3.       Adsense AD Format Really Matters

The size of the Adsense Ads really matters. Generally some Ad units get more clicks. I don’t know what is the main cause behind this. In my blog 300 * 250 gets 80% of clicks. Generally popular Ad units are 336 * 280 , 300*250 , 160 * 600 etc. But  it may not work for you. Suppose ad units 160*600 or 336*250 did not work for me. So I will suggest you to experiment with all ad units.

4.       Above the Post

It’s my suggestion. You can place an 300 * 250 ad unit above posts. I hope it will bring some awesome results for you.

5.       Color of the Ad units: Don’t try to Fool Your Readers

Experts suggest to keep ad units background color same as blog Background. I did this but Result was no change. I did not see any changes in my total clicks by changing color like blog background. So I don’t think it is a very good way because
Here in this blog I don’t want my readers will click on a Ad by misjudged with Background color. I want someone will click by knowing there is an ad and if he is really want to know about it. Don’t make fool your readers by changing your ad unit’s color same as blog’s Background. I will suggest you to keep ad’s color different from blog’s background.

32 common Google Adsense Tips

1.       Apply Google Adsense from account. Google Approve ‘s application quickly.
2.       After getting Google adsense account you can place ads code to any website.
3.       Before start using read Adsense program policies and Terms and conditions.
4.       Don’t click  on your own ads and never ask anyone for clicking on your ads.
5.       Don’t use Click bot or Traffic bot.
6.       Don’t encourage users to click on your ads by “sponsor ads” “advertising” etc.
7.       Google don’t allow gambling or adult sites. Don’t put ads on these type of websites.
8.       Auto Reload of your page can get you banned.
9.       Know right use of keywords in content.
10.    Use <h1> <h2> tag in keywords.
11.   Don’t try to make many websites with few earnings. Create few websites with high earnings.
12.   Submit your site to search engines.(blog submission in Bing)

13.   Submit your site to Directories. (24 Blog directories)
14.   Optimize your site for other search engines also, not for Google only.
15.   Submit Articles in Hubpages and Squido.
16.   You can start a mini campaign in Google Adwords to know actually how they work.
17.   Put targeted keywords in page title.
18.   Don’t Buy traffics, Spyware, Hidden text etc for increasing traffic.
19.    UseGoogle Analytics to know about your website’s traffic statistics.
20.   Inside Adsense is Adsense’s official blog. Follow this blog  to get updated.
21.   You can go to Adsense Help Forum . Other adsense publishers are there. You will get some real tips from adsense publishers from this forum.
22.   Don’t put too many ad blocks on your site.
23.   Adsense use geo location to show ads. So what you see on your site might not be what your visitors see.
24.   Do some search Engine optimization.
25.   Content is King.
26.   Create Fresh contents everyday.
27.   Never Stop Experimenting.
28.    Research About What isthe Best Adsense Placement?
29.    Use Social Media traffic to Boost your adsense income.
30.    Especially Traffic Tips 50 for Pinterest can help you.
31.    StrongBacklinks like Edu backlinks can Boost your Traffic ranking. Traffic Ranking has a good impact on websites overall quality and traffic.

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