13 Tips to Use Slideshare For Your blog or Business

Slideshare is one of the websites where you can share any powerpoint presentation or slides. It is a big ppt file sharing community with a lot of active users. Slideshare has FREE and Premium both options. FREE option is better for newbies. But you want to get some advance option you cal always purchase premium.

Let’s see the Slideshare.net website.

I checked it today (7 June 2014)

Domain Authority: 96
Page Authority: 96
Established Links:
49, 715 Root Domain
838K Total links

To use Slideshare for your business or blogs:

1.     Open a new account on slideshare using Facebook, Linkedin or Email address.
2.      Go to settings and on profile information include your website/blog link for a good backlink.

3.     Make power point slides of your best blog posts and share them on slideshare.
4.     Give them proper tag and proper category.

5.     For seo use your main keywords on the slideshare posts title. Also use keywords in the tag.

6.     When you are in writer’s block, you can visit slideshare to get new ideas. 

7.     To build your business page you can create useful powerpoint presentation with your business page and website’s link.

8.     Engage in slideshare by commenting on other users posts.

9.     You can follow people there to increase your followers.

10.    Always share something new, something useful and creative. 

11.    Try to post simple HOW TO guides.

12.     To grab attention of slideshare users you can post list posts. Example: 29 Arab Life Tips proverb.

13.     Follow slideshare guidelines and start posting awesome contents. They share some selected presentation on the homepage daily. So try to be selected by using great contents.

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  1. I have tried slideshare in the past and have no complaints whatsoever. You can also put youtube videos in your slideshows, which is something I use often.


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