How to log out from Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has no log out/sing out option. You can not log out from Facebook messenger just by one click, which is possible in some other chat messenger. It is a problem for those who has more than one accounts. Also if you want to get sign out just for not getting unnecessary chat messages, you need it. Chatting is really a waste time in most cases.

Log out from Facebook Messenger

Now, how to log out from Facebook chat messenger?

Answer is very simple. You have to be smart to log out from Facebook chat messenger app.

Download and install app privacy removing apps like Clean Master. This type of apps are very simple and main function of these apps to apps management, removing junk files and tasks, removing privacy of apps to speed up the device.

Clean Master
After installing Clean Master , go to privacy and remove the privacy information of the Facebook messenger app. It will only remove the login information for the app. Login information means password and email. Now,you are logged out and you can use the Facebook messenger to login with another Facebook account or you can login with your same account again.

This method is applicable to any other app that doesn't have sign out option.

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