Talking with an Al Pacino Fan

What’s your name?
-          Donnie Brasco. Nick name : Serpico.

Father’s  name?
-          The Godfather!

Your Profession?
-          Am a Devil’s Advocate!
     What you wanted to be in your childhood?
     Author! Author! 

Suffering from?
-          Insomnia

Name two of your best friends?
       Frankie and Johnny

Favorite book?
The Merchant of Venice.

What are you doing here?
Looking for Richard.

Who is Richard?
You don’t know jack.

Okay.  Going in which way?
-          In Carlito’s way.

Good luck. What’s driving you crazy?
 Scent of a woman.

I see!  What do you think about me?
-          You are The Insider.