Unethical Job posting in Problogger.Net

Darren Rowse of problogger.net is an idol for many bloggers. He is making good amount money through blogging and helping a lot of peoples by sharing his insight about 'blog for money.'  I am also a fan of his site. I regularly visit and read articles on problogger.net.

On problogger site there is job board, I hope you know that. Today while browsing this board out of curiosity, I found an interesting job posting. And here actually I am writing about that post. Before that, a little information, anyone can post job on problogger.net's job board for 30 days in 50$. This a good business, no doubt.

Ok, let us come to the point. That interesting job posting is from someone called MediaBlust. He is looking for peoples who work in Forbes, BusinessInsider, Mashable etc.  You have to have an author account on any of these websites to work for this Mediablust guy.

He will talk about US and global economics and politics with you and gave you some secret information (LOL) and you have to write an awesome piece consulting with him. He will give you $400-5$500+ for one article. And it is the starting rate. The rate will increase i guess.

So, why he will give you this relatively huge money for one article? Of course he has some private agenda for this. You can (Suppose you are an author of Mashable) work to fullfill his private agenda by working for him secretly and get some extra money beside the regular money from the news site. A win-win opportunity for you. But is it ethically right? Or the news site will allow you to do this?

It will be a hypocrisy with the readers, with the news site too.

Now, another question, Why popular blogger Darren Rowse promoting this unethical job posting?  For only 50$ in 30 Days? WOW! I hope not.

Problogger Job posting

Problogger Job posting

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