11 Best Opera Mini Secret Codes

Opera mini is one of the most popular mobile web browsers. It has some secret codes which can make you a Opera mini power user. Some of the secret codes of opera mini are given below:

1. To go to the opera mini hidden power menu just write config: on the address bar without
"http://" and click OK or  Go to. You will see a power menu and can set your power user settings.

2. To see current page's source code write server:source. It will be very useful for developers.

3. To see the sizes and urls of cached pages or images write opera:cache.

4. To know the information bout Opera Mini server write about: .

 5. debug: will show you client properties.

6. To go to the feed page  feed:list.

7. opera:about will show you copyright related information of third party software used in the browser.

8. To clear all cookies write server:reset.

9. To refresh any page write server:refresh.

 10.  o:A will go to start page only in Opera mini 4.n.

11. o:Z will go to bookmark page only in Opera mini 4.n.

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